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IEEE Nanotechnology Council’s NMDC 2019 conference will bring together key researchers from every sector in the nanotechnology research field, with a special focus on Materials and Devices. Conference papers will be published in IEEE Xplore. Authors of selected papers will be invited to submit their extended article version to: IEEE Transactions on Nanotechnology, and IEEE Nanotechnology Magazine. Best paper awards will be given in several categories at the conference banquet, to be held at the “Vasa museum” (17th century ship). Special sessions on focused or “hot” topics may be suggested.

The topics include but are not limited to:

  • Nanoelectronics and nanophotonics:
    • New materials and devices
    • Low-D structures: Nanowires, quantum dots etc
    • Metamaterials and plasmonic devices
    • Quantum technology and devices
    • Nano-magnetic structures and devices
    • Interconnects, packaging and reliability of nanodevices
  • Special applications:
    • MEMS/NEMS and sensors
    • Materials and devices for energy harvesting and storage
    • Biomedical applications including bio-sensing
    • Organic semiconductor
  • Synthesis, fabrication and modelling:
    • Synthesis and fabrication of nanostructures
    • Modeling and simulation of nanomaterials, structures, and devicesStandards and safety issues of nanotechnology
  • Emerging topics:
    • 2D related materials and devices
    • DNA and wood nanotechnology
    • Other emerging topics

Plenary Speakers