Dear Company representative,

On October 27-30, 2019 we are organizing the IEEE conference Nanotechnology Materials and Device Conference (NMDC 2019) at “Munchenbryggeriet” in central Stockholm. The conference is organized by the IEEE Nanotechnology Council annually in Europe, Asia or America on a rotating basis. As you probably know, IEEE is one of the largest professional organizations in the world. This conference aims at bringing together 250-300 international and national experts from both academia and industry and we would like to draw your attention to the opportunities to learn, share and interact with renown specialists on topics which we believe are close to your core technical interest.

The conference announcement is attached with further information about program, venue and registration. Please note that the program and speaker list will be updated continuously over the next several months. There will as usual be a small exhibition by commercial companies.

We would also kindly ask you to consider if you have an interest and wish not only to participate but also to sponsor the conference. As we are sure you agree, arranging conferences like NMDC is a vital part of attracting good science and excellent talent to our region and thus of paramount importance to help serving both your short term recruitment needs as well as your long term supply of world class competence. We believe that participating in several capacities; as attendee, contributor, exhibitor and sponsor will be of mutual benefit to both your company and the organizers and significantly contribute to sustaining Stockholm as a competitive hub for high-tech ventures. Attached you will find our sponsorship categories outlined. Of course, you are also welcome just to the exhibition. If you are interested, please check our website or contact Gunnar Landgren for further details.

Should you not be the right person in your organization for this message, please forward and/or send the appropriate contact information to us.

Jan Linnros
Professor, Chairman NMDC 2019
+46 8 790 43 70

Gunnar Landgren
Professor, Sponsor Chair
+ 46 70 723 12 22