Reference: See EDAS Instructions for Authors

EDAS uses a ‘receipt/confirm’ email-based process for creating an account if you don’t have one, and registering to submit a paper. It is recommended that you register the paper as soon as practical; do not wait until the deadline, in case there are any issues with receiving the EDAS emails and confirmations etc.

To use EDAS, you need to create an EDAS account. After you receive the EDAS confirmation, you then can register your paper and specify a lead author(default is yourself). Then you upload your PDF abstract. Your abstract for the paper will be reviewed and then you will be notified whether it is accepted. Once your abstract is accepted, you will be able to submit a full paper for review eligible to be published in IEEE Xplore.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Author Registration:Register a “lead author” with EDAS at the lead author is not already registered). The lead author will submit the paper. EDAS will send an email with the account password. The author’s email address and the password will be used to access the system to submit the abstract or paper for review and later the final paper. Note: you should name all the authors of the paper at the time of registration.
  2. Change PasswordCredentials in EDAS (optional). Change the default password to one that is easier to remember.
  3. Abstract/Paper Registration:When logged in to EDAS, register your paper and submit the Abstract at This is a unique site with EDAS for the NMDC 2019 Conference. Select the appropriate Track for your submission. 
    • Register the paper:Provide paper title, keywords, and a short description of the work (20-100 words). EDAS will use your account info as the primary author.
    • Select the topic(s) with which your paper corresponds.
    • Submit, waitfor the paper registration confirmation from the EDAS system. The page will refresh.
    • Authors:Add any secondary author names using the Add authorslink.
    • Upload your PDF abstract. Use the following template for abstract preparation (link:……………….)
    • EDAS will send you a confirmation email with a link to your paper registration page where you can manage your paper. You can also access your paper from the ‘My Papers’ menu in your EDAS account.
  4. Next, after the deadline you will receive an email from EDAS whether the Abstract was accepted.
  5. Upon Abstract acceptance, you may submit a full paper. When you go to the EDAS system it will now prompt you to submit your paper (“full paper”). Now upload your paper in PDF. The paper should be prepared with the following template (link:……….)Note: you may upload as many times as desired before the deadline.
  6. You will receive an email from EDAS confirming full paper submission and after each update.
  7. After the full paper reviews, you will receive an email from EDAS with the TPC decision on paper acceptance/rejection.
  8. Upon paper acceptance you will need to prepare and submit the final version of your manuscript.When you go to the EDAS system it will now prompt you to submit your final paper. Now upload your paper in PDF. Note: you may upload as many times as desired before the deadline.
  9. EDAS email will confirm the final manuscript submission.